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Jul 06 2009

Upgrading WordPress: Troubleshooting HTTP 500 – Internal Server Error

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With the introduction of WordPress 2.7 upgrade capabilities for local installations are available right out of the box without the need of 3rd party plugins or manual update process.

While this is cool, can also be a tricky, not so straight forward process. If your blog is hosted by WordPress, you do not have to worry about anything as the upgrade is done automatically for everybody. If you host your own blog and use only standard themes an no additional 3rd party plugins, upgrade is also safe for you, as no compatibility issues can occur between versions upgrade. On the other hand, what’s the point of having your WordPress blog self hosted if you do not need the added value of 3rd party plugins?

You’ll need this guide if you host your own WordPress instance, you are using 3rd Party plugins and you are planning for an upgrade. I decided to write this guide after was not available after upgrading from WordPress 2.7 to WordPress 2.8 via build in upgrade feature. Server displayed HTTP 500 error while loading the main page. Problem was fixed in 5 minutes. Here is how.

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Jul 02 2009

The definitive guide to “Duck” Photography

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Like any true wild life photographer, you will like to enter the “bird hunters” league, “the big guys”. But, birds move fast, so you can’t just go out with the camera and shoot birds, because, like I said, they move fast.

Anyhow there is a certain learning curve in everything. This also applies to “bird hunting”. So, if you plan to shoot birds, start with birds which are not that fast as the rest of the birds. One example are ducks. Why not start with ducks?

I’ve decided to write this guide after extensively searching on the internet for similar guides. There is none, so welcome to the “Definitive Guide to Duck Photography“, the guide that will cover all aspects of duck photography, required equipments, techniques and Tips & Tricks from the master (yes, that will be me :) )

There is clearly something about ducks. You just have to admit it. Something that makes you shoot one the moment you see it. Ok, so let us leave aside the bla-blas and get right into juicy part.

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Apr 14 2009

Setting up Google apps email services for your own domain: Free customized mailboxes for your own domain

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So, like the rest of the planet you are just another Yahoo, Gmail, Live, or whatever free web mail service. That’s good, but what can be better? How about buying or renting a domain name and setup unique email addresses?

Do you currently own a domain and you’re not willing to go through the hassle of setting up a mail server? How about a small business, where spending on setting up IT infrastructure isn’t the wisest thing for the moment but still want your employees / partners to communicate under a standard company email addresses. Would you allow Laurence, the sales guy to send messages to customers from and even print that on the business cards? Nah!

A few years ago a simple trick would do the job. That was: going to your DNS service provider and activate email forwarding. Meaning that all messages that were sent to “” would be forwarded to you free web mail service of choice. My choice at the time (and present also) was Google. Google, likewise other free web mail services would allow you to setup a “send as” address upon validation that you own the address “”, which was fairly easy, since “” was already forwarded to your web mail service with the validation code inside.

While the solution above is fairly easy and practical, has a single drawback. Messages are forwarded OK, however, upon replying or composing a new message designated to be send via “send as” feature would appear as “ on Behalf of”. Not good…

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Mar 27 2009

Configuring Linksys WRT54GL/G Wireless G Broadband Router as a plain Wireless LAN Access Point

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Today wireless is everywhere. In any point of your city you’ll find a dozen wireless access points with your laptop/PDA, more or less secured. In office buildings, on the streets, in the parc, in your neighborhood (no matter if you live in a residence or an apartment building).

Adding wireless to your home is cool since you can connect devices to your home LAN without drilling holes in your walls and fill them with wires to enable internet access from your bedroom or connect your HTPC to your wireless NAS.

Choosing an access point is easy since the technology itself is already matured enough and usually you cannot go wrong with products from Asus, Acer, MSI, Netgear, D-link, Zyxel and others. My pick however is Linksys. Mostly because is a Cisco Systems OEM (I feel a bit nostalgic for my network administration period). Secondly is price (more expensive in his class, but still very affordable). The third reason is signal strength: 2 layers of concrete walls are not a problem for a Linksys (I can pick up my network from across the street actually, or browse the internet from my toilet – well, I’m not actually doing this, but the potential is there and ready to be leveraged… :-) ).

But why should you get a wireless access point when you can get a wireless router for the same money, while having increased functionality of the equipment? A wireless router can be setup as a plain a wireless access point as well as directly connect your home network to your ADSL modem, PPPoE ISP, just plain WAN ethernet interface. Wireless router can also be used to connect 2 or more wireless networks. In need of a DMZ? Can be done.

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Feb 14 2009

Look ma! I can fly!

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Getting something like this right in the first place is not an easy job, and always luck plays a big part…

Look ma! I can fly!, originally uploaded by Dragos Z.

I promise the next one will be more in focus.


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